November 2023 Commander’s Corner

November 2023

Welcome to the Holiday Season!!  Thanksgiving is only a couple of weeks away.  It is even closer to our annual Post Thanksgiving meal.  This coming Friday, 17 November at 5 pm!!  Ruby and her supporting Ladies will put on a fabulous home cooked meal.  Often, attendees bring an additional superb dish.  It ends up being a very memorable feast!  It is free and you can bring your Spouse or guest.  It is also part of your membership, so come, enjoy, and contribute to the comradery!!

Importantly, Veterans Day was another great experience and memory.  The Veterans Day Luncheon Celebration on 10 November hosted by the Armory and organized by Heritage Hospice was superb.  The table arrangements were less crowded making it much easier to navigate.  The volunteer servers were quick to provide the drinks and your choice of fish or barbecue lunch.  Post 46 was in a specifically honored category of donors and received a nice wooden plaque for our support.  I was called to the dais to receive the plaque and our Post received a very nice round of applause.  Upon leaving we turned in our tickets for a prize provided by our community of businesses.  Outside the door, we exited between two lines of young children offering hand created handouts of THANKS and candy.  Excellent Golf cart support quickly whisked us back to our cars.  

Also on Saturday, Veterans Day was celebrated at Camp Nelson and Post 46.  Both are very memorable for their own reasons and greatly appreciated.  On behalf of our veterans, I shout out a big THANK YOU to all that made these events possible and successful!

At our last membership meeting, we discussed a project to improve (actually complete) our earlier Hall/Social Club work.  Bernie has offered to clean/seal our Hall floor and tint it a lighter blue as a very generous work donation.  Another member is working on the new type of wall blocks/bricks that can line our blank Social Club wall.  We will install a big Legion emblem in the top middle center to set it all off.  It will really create a fantastic impression.  I feel it is highly likely our National Commander will visit our Post in May, so we have a target date to get this work done.  

The article about our Legion Riders in the Big Band Festival and the Alaska trip is posted on our Bulletin Board and on the Department website as the Fall 2023 newsletter.  The actual paper was never mailed due to COVID.  Vice Commander Regena Carney is completing an article on our hosting of the Chamber of Commerce, and we hope to see it published in the coming Winter edition.  She also announced we will have at least two Oratorical Candidates!  Atta girl for getting those candidates and working with all the surrounding community schools.

The next membership meeting is on 5 December.  Be safe and enjoy your Holidays!


Tony A. Cromwell

Post Commander