2024 March Commander’s Corner

March is off to a mild and wet start! These warm Spring starts get our trees blossomed out just in time for a late Spring hard freeze. That also means those who grow fruit trees no longer have to worry about a fall harvest and can plan fall travelling trips! HI!
Our Post membership meeting of 5 March was excellent. It was well attended, and we recognized a Legionnaire celebrating 50 years of continuous Legion membership. Legionnaire Billy Boyd of Lancaster
attended along with his wife. A picture of him receiving his award is on our website. Congratulations and huge thanks to Billy for his service and commitment to his fellow veterans. We planned to host Ms. Mills from the
VA for a presentation on the PACT Act. Unfortunately, the Post Commander gave her the 6 th of March vs the correct date of 5 March. She graciously rescheduled to 2 April at our Membership meeting. The meeting
concluded with pizza and a lot of comradery.
We recently incurred some facility damage when a guest lost their temper and punched a hole in the wall. We are all guests when in our Post; thus, the thought of damaging it is as abhorrent as damaging the home of your
parents, friends, or relatives. I have no tolerance for this activity and my corrective action will be swift and harsh.
I mentioned the expanded Corn Hole activity last month. Now, the Auxiliary is providing food for the players. It is a big win for the players and the Auxiliary. We are looking at adding a similar food service for the nights we
host a band.
The financial position of our Post continues to get stronger. We opened a money market savings account at our bank with the large donation we received from our gaming vendor. We plan to add future donations to
that account which is targeted toward future high facility expenses. i.e.. repaving the parking lot, roof work, etc.
Our Service Officers continue to actively support our veterans. They caution about the impact of the PACT Act in terms of the number of Veterans applying and the possibility of fraud.

Update: Ms. Anna R. Mills, Outreach Coordinator and Public Affairs Specialist from the Lexington VA Health Care System will address our Post veterans at our next Membership meeting on 2 April. She is the PACT Act coordinator for Kentucky and will discuss the programs, eligibility, enrollment, and any questions you have. If you have health issues from overseas duties, you should consider attending.
We are making a concentrated effort to maintain our Post calendar as to Post events. Look for opportunities to participate in them. Thank Ruby for her work in scheduling and managing all these events!

The next membership meeting is on 2 April 2024 at 7 PM.


Tony A. Cromwell
Post Commander kypost46@gmail.com