2023 October Commander’s Corner

A big thanks to all our active members that are participating in the activities of our Post!!  You are generating the funds that will continue to improve our finances.  The change in our Charitable Gaming vendor sharing ratios is adding to that progress.  We continue to donate to our community as a required part of our Charitable Gaming contract.  We just donated, to the Salvation Army, funds to feed some 450 Thanksgiving meals!

Our Meet and Greet with the Chamber of Commerce was a success, and our Post will continue to reap benefits from it for a long time.  While we did not see as many attendees as we anticipated, those who attended were of leadership importance.  The visitors were quite impressed with a tour of the Social and Radio Clubs.  I am very proud of the heavy participation of our Post Officers, Social Club, Auxiliary, Holland Group, Radio Club, and our Legion Riders.   The Riders were invited to participate in the Christmas parade in December.  The Radio Club actively displayed their station and received a lot of attention.  They will likely pick up a new member because of that work.  They also just used their Post provided  “Recruitment funds” to assist a veteran couple to join their club.  Kudos to the Radio Club!!!

We recently hosted a Quilts of Valor award ceremony.  They are an impressive national group of volunteer seamstresses highly skilled in handcrafting very high-quality quilts to award to veterans that were “touched by war” (served in combat, served those who were in combat).  These are comfort quilts designed to be used by the veteran, not put away in a closet.  They come with a sewn-on personalized ID tag with the Veterans name.  They desire to honor the older veterans first (WW2, Korean, early Vietnam).  I was asked to nominate some veterans.  While we have a number of Korean veterans, I lack the information in their DD214s to nominate them.  If you are close to one of our Korean veterans and can acquire their DD214 for reference, you can go to: https://www.qovf.org/ to nominate them.  You can also contact me, and I will complete the nomination for you as the Post Commander. 

Heritage Hospice, Ky National Guard, and others are hosting a Veterans Dinner at the Armory in SE Danville on Friday, 10 November at 1100-1400L.  There is a field to park in with golf cart transportation to the Armory.  Veterans will have an opportunity to win a prize from a local business and enjoy a nice meal in the fellowship of their fellow veterans.  Your Post contributed $1K to this event as part of our Gaming Charity contract.  Go and enjoy…you earned it the hard way!!!

The next membership meeting is on 7 November.  Be safe and enjoy your Fall!


Tony A. Cromwell

Post Commander  kypost46@gmail.com