2023 December Commander’s Corner

Welcome to the Christmas holiday season!! Danville’s Christmas Parade got this season underway on the evening of 8 December. The parade was moved up one day due to rainy weather forecast for the weekend. The parade was heavily attended and enjoyed the participation of many of our military organizations (Am Legion, Am Vets, VFW, Ky Nat Guard, and the Civil Air Patrol. A huge night for our veteran community. The Ladies Auxiliary of each Post worked on the VFW/Am Vets float. The Civil Air Patrol provided the honor guard, followed by parade dignitaries, and then Post 46 with my Mustang leading the Legion Riders. Director Walls, and wife, were costumed as elves and got a huge, excited response from the children. We got a couple of pictures of our Commanders and Ladies that will be posted on our bulletin board. A huge thanks to Auxiliary President Donna Prewitt for her participation. Also, a big thanks to Director Walls for his overall coordination work, getting the Legion Riders in place, and their outstanding presence.
We owe our sincere appreciation and gratitude to Ruby and all her ladies in presenting an outstanding Thanksgiving Dinner! The Auxiliary also supported Ruby with many desserts and other side dishes!! It was well attended, and a traditional free holiday celebration meal funded by the Post. We did close the Post on Thanksgiving Day to allow our shift managers to enjoy that day with their families.
Our Post web site is being rehosted by another internet service. The owner of the service we enjoyed passed away and the company went out of business. We are extraordinarily fortunate to have a very competent computer/internet expert in our Post Adjutant Harold Miller. His experience and contacts are enabling a path forward that will have our web page back shortly and be better than ever.
Watch our Facebook pages and stay close to Ruby for the latest Christmas/New Years party plans. Once we get our web page back, we will have the calendar portion updated.
Thanks to all the active members/donors, our Post continues to prosper. Since the first of the year, our Post has enjoyed a continuing profit and building financial base. We expect the first of three $7.5k donations from our gaming vendor in February which we plan to save for future facility repairs (parking lot resurfacing, roof, etc.). Winter is an expensive season, and your active participation will see us through this period. We hope to have some Hall improvement work after the first of the year.
The next membership meeting is on 2 January 2024. Be safe and enjoy your Holidays!


Tony A. Cromwell
Post Commander kypost46@gmail.com