2023 August Commander’s Corner

Our Post is very active during this month of August. The current heat dome pushes many of us to pursue indoor activities. Fortunately, our Post offers many indoor activities to participate in. We still enjoy the comradery of our VFW comrades in arms as they work to finish the reconstruction of their Post. The first of September was their planned reopening date. It’s been a win-win situation for both of us. We will continue this synergy into the future through the mutual coordination of events.

Our Post continues to improve financially. High membership participation rates in our activities are key. The challenging work of our Social Club manager (Ruby) to schedule/promote our Post activities and manage our very successful charitable gaming activities commands respect and appreciation from all our Post members. Ask if you can help her in some way.

Our Auxiliary is active and carrying its historic role in our Post. Thanks to the leadership of President Donna Prewitt, they are supporting our Legion Riders in the coming LaborFest on 26 August. They also joined forces with the Riders in the Post participation in Danville’s Big Band festival for the last 2 years. To raise funds, they are currently selling bottle cozies. President Prewitt also attended the August Post membership meeting and presented an activity report to the membership.

Our Radio Group continues to practice their skills via radio contests on the weekends. The Post radio station is very capable and scores highly when used to win contests. They have held the KY QSO award for several years. Their continuing FCC license testing is creating new amateurs, elevating licensed members, and acquiring new Post members via this Legion Mission.

Look for the coming edition of the Department of Ky’s Legionnaire newsletter! Our Legion Riders will be featured. They represent our Post very well in that community of Riders!

Our Sons squadron is one of the largest in the Department of Ky. It is a quiescent organization with high potential to make a large contribution to the Post and community. We just need someone to lead it. Their work honors their sponsoring relatives.

The next membership meeting is on 5 September. Be safe and enjoy your summer!


Tony A. Cromwell

Post Commander