Kentucky Boyle Post 46
Helping others for a better Life!
MAY 2022




May is a big month for the American Legion.  Elections and conventions are the order of the month!  Likewise, we held our May membership meeting on 3 May at 7 pm.  It was well attended, and the Post completed its election process.  This is the result of the election:


Sgt at Arms:  George Dessauer (an active transfer from an Ohio post w/honor guard experience).  

A huge thanks to Dean for his excellent Sgt at Arms service!!!!!

Service Officer:  Incumbent Gene Klaus

Adjutant:  Incumbent Gene Klaus

Vice Commander:  Incumbent Regena Carney

Sr. Vice Commander:  Open, no nominations

Commander:  James R. Westerfield (Viet Nam Era Air Force Veteran and longtime Post member)


We have several officers serving under appointment and those appointments were affirmed by the membership.  All elected officers, except the Commander took their offices at the close of the meeting by membership vote.  The Commander will transition into his position on 10 May when we complete updating all the external agencies. 


Our recent transition to electronic Charitable Gaming requires our top leaders to understand our business model and its processes.  It was a pleasure to work with our new Commander Ron, in training him on these processes.  He prefers the use of his middle name.  The office of Sr. Vice Commander will be filled via appointment by Ron later this year.  We look for Ron to build on the progress we’ve made by adding new activities and social events.  Watch this “Commanders Corner” for next month when he will personally pen his thoughts and updates to you.


Our membership meeting featured the Director of our post Legion Riders, Rick Walls.  Rick also explained the role his group plays in the Post.  Look for them to be in the upcoming Great American Brass Band Festival Parade and they plan to attend the Department’s Convention next month.


Our Radio Group was well represented, and they continue to advance the Legion’s mission.  Look for their in-post Radio station to start talking to the world again and they will feature hybrid Zoom/in-station membership meetings.  I was left speechless when two of their medically fragile members attended to honor me at my last meeting.   They were fully masked and didn’t stay long; but their message was impactful!  They also presented me an Outstanding Support award from their corporate club WRARC.


Our Service Officer, Gene Klaus, advises Area Service Officers continue to see Veterans at the Leestown campus on Fridays, bldg., 28, room 15.   He continues to see Veterans at the Danville post on Tuesdays by appointment.  (Note Gene’s new telephone number:  859-556-1420). Gene’s works has truly been a godsend for our Post veterans and those other veterans who he’s helped.  Note:  The Post email: is continually monitored for questions, comments, requests for help, etc.


After concluding the invaluable and life changing experience of being your Commander for 6 years, I thank you for your historical and loyal support!  I bid each of you a very fond farewell and best wishes!  I remain an on-going reference resource for our Post Leadership.


Tony A. Cromwell

Tony Cromwell,


APRIL 2022




Welcome to Springtime!  Rain, sun, wind, cool, and warm weather all rotating in turn!  The trend is warmer and sunnier.  We completed the Earl Belcher Memorial Pavilion.  During a dry break, we will attach the hand-crafted signage to the facility.  Our members donated money for the picnic tables and Lowes donated two more making for a total of six.  Our Charitable Gaming vendor will supply a large new barbecue grill.  The membership voted to allow it to be rented daily for a family event or such.  Usage will be limited to daylight hours and large audio amps will not be allowed in consideration of the school in our annex and our good neighbor policy.  We are indebted to Legionnaire Belcher for bequeathing these funds and his wife for administering them via his estate.   It will be a reminder for all our members of his extensive devotion to salvaging this Post and enabling it to become the Post it is today. 


We held our April membership meeting on 5 April.  It is an important meeting via our by-laws requiring the Post members to nominate the officers for the next yearly term.  The nomination process is open for one month and will close at the May membership meeting when we elect those officers.

The initial process resulted in:


Sgt at Arms:  undecided incumbent Dean Brandenberg and 1 new nomination:  George Dessauer

Service Officer:  incumbent Gene Klaus

Adjutant:  Incumbent Gene Klaus

Vice Commander:  incumbent Regena Carney

Sr. Vice Commander:  Open, no nominations

Commander:  Open, two nominations:  James Westerfield and Matthew Miller.


Our activity groups reported interesting activities at our membership meeting.  The Radio group continues with its national Dstar net, this month talking to 41 veterans in 15 states and one Canadian Province. 


Our Legion Riders are on the move!  They recently rode up to Post 34 in Lawrenceburg and got involved in formally repairing four of the Healing Field Flags.  They are participating with Posts 8, 34, 33, and 24.  They recently travelled to Hodgensville.  They are planning to participate in the coming Brass Band Festival parade in Danville.  Look for them in that parade wearing their colors and representing our Post and the American Legion!!


Vice Commander Carney is working with the schools to see if we have any Boy or Girl State Candidates.  Unfortunately, our Oratorical candidates decided not to participate and missed some easy college funds. 


Our Service Officer, Gene Klaus advises Area Service Officers continue to see Veterans at the Leestown campus on Fridays, bldg., 28, room 15.   He continues to see Veterans at the Danville post on Tuesdays by appointment.  (Note Gene’s new telephone number:  859-556-1420).  Gene’s works has truly been a godsend for our Post veterans and those other veterans who he’s helped.

Enjoy your emerging spring weather and be wary of those occasional extreme storms!


Tony A. Cromwell

Tony Cromwell,



MARCH 2022



We got March off to a quick start with our Post membership meeting on 1 March!  This followed a two-month absence of meetings due to COVID and other issues.  This was another significant meeting with pizza and comradery following the conclusion of the meeting.  Chaplain Gutenson took prayer requests as part of our closing prayer process to give the extra impact of a group praying for the healing of others. 


Vice Commander Carney reported the readiness to accept Boy and Girl State candidates.  These are life changing programs and we’ve experienced excellent and heart-warming feedback from parents and attendees.  The Auxiliary is working with Regena to sponsor the Girl State candidates. 


Our Radio group had an excellent report of their activities.  They continue to test new candidates for FCC licenses and support the Legion’s national Dstar net…both Legion missions.  Their contesting skills are excellent and will likely improve as they get back into the club room with COVID concerns decreasing.  They are the club to beat for the KY QSO contest!  The President of the American Legion Amateur Radio Club (TALARC) joined the last Dstar net with praise for the club’s work in conducting the net, our Service Officer participation, and a notice that our Post is in a recent article in the TALARC news.


Our Legion Riders are forming their riding schedule for this coming year.  I’ve asked them to participate in the Great Brass Band Festival in Danville on June 4th in response to a query from the festival hosts.  This is an invaluable opportunity for the local community to see their Legion Post and its Riders!


The Earl Belcher Memorial Pavilion is now in place.  Buddy is working on the signage and the acquisition of picnic tables, etc.  Members may be able to purchase and donate a table with their name on it.  Member participation in the furnishing of the pavilion will heighten pride and care of the facility.  We are indebted to Legionnaire Belcher for bequeathing the funds and Mrs. Belcher in carrying out his wishes.


At our Post membership meeting, I explained in some detail our current situation as it related to the coming election of officers in April.  Also, I advised them our Post has concluded a long climb to the top of Mesa (part of my western background) where we enjoy open operations and can make a comfortable living by just maintaining/refining our operational processes.  Coming issues/options are the possibilities of a no smoking ordinance and the opportunity to apply for a Liquor license in addition to our existing charitable gaming license.  I also advised them that I am now concluding 6 years of being their Commander.  I celebrate 56 years of marriage with my wife on 4 March and it is now time for me to devote my full attention to her well-being.  These six years have been life changing and very rewarding in many ways.  With the help of the Lord and the support of our members, our Post is at an entirely different level of operations and has received extensive national recognition.  See our Post web page for those extensive details. 


Continue to exercise caution as our COVID numbers decrease and be safe in these inclement weather conditions!  Take advantage of the nice warm spring days to tank up on vitamin D!!  Thank you for your continued membership and support.


Tony A. Cromwell

Tony Cromwell,


February 2022




We start February with narrowly avoiding a severe ice storm.  We kept the Post closed on 3 February based on the predictions.  We were able to reopen on 4 February without problems.  Your Post finished 2021 with a slight profit, which is ideal for a “non-profit organization”.  The Post also cancelled its February membership meeting.

February is also the month we get to advance a high school student to the Legion’s Oratorical Contest for some needed educational funding.  Last year was historic by our student placing second in the state finals.  We had all the local schools interested in participating in September.  However, the COVID curse and other issues precluded any students being able to participate.  I thank Regena Carney who works diligently with all the school counselors.  Our Youth programs have been very successful due to her dedication!  It is a bit sad for both Regena and myself when we are unable to advance a student.  We know how much they benefit and rejoice in their accomplishments.

Member activities are high within the Post.  Some 88% of our members have renewed.  There are several still awaiting transfer and processing by the Legion.   A big thank you to Buddy to managing our membership!

The Legion commemorates the “Four Chaplains Day” historical story on the first Sunday of every February.  I felt it appropriate to share this with you as a we all struggle with today’s changing values. 


Every year, American Legion posts nationwide commemorate the selfless acts of the four chaplains on or near Feb. 3, 1943 – the day Dorchester was crossing the North Atlantic, transporting troops to an American base in Greenland, when it was struck by a torpedo fired from a German U-boat. Through interfaith services, memorial ceremonies and other solemn events, members of the American Legion Family honor the chaplains and 668 other men who died when Dorchester sank.

Four Chaplains Day, and the story of the four chaplains of different faiths who, in sacrificing their lives, created a unique legacy of brotherhood.  As the power failed and the soldiers rushed in darkness to the lifeboats, Reverend George Fox (Methodist), Jewish Rabbi Alexander Goode, Reverend Clark Poling (Dutch Reformed) and Father John Washington (Roman Catholic) comforted the wounded and directed others to safety. One survivor watched the chaplains distribute life jackets, and when they ran out, they removed theirs and gave them to four young men.

Of the 902 soldiers, Navy armed guard, ship’s crew and civilian passengers on board the Dorchester, only 230 survived. They have told us of the chaplains’ efforts to restore calm in a hopeless and chaotic situation, and how they were last seen at the ship’s stern, arms linked in prayer.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.  John 15.13

The survivors’ testimony and the chaplains’ bravery are enshrined at the Chapel of Four Chaplains in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where the Chapel Memorial Foundation honors acts of selfless service nationwide in memory of the Four Chaplains and crew of USAT Dorchester.


Continue to exercise caution as our COVID number decrease and be safe in these inclement weather conditions!  Thank you for your continuing membership and support.


Tony A. Cromwell

Tony Cromwell






To each member, your Post 46 comrades all wish each of you a very happy and successful 2022!  The new year starts with the growing ominous threat of the Omicron virus threat.  At present, it seems much more contagious, but less severe than its predecessor variant.  Fortunately, our members are in the “boosted” category, but;  those with significant comorbidities still need to take great care!


Your Post concludes 2021 in another historic year of its continuing evolution!  Our Charitable gaming operations benefit for high member use allowing the Post to support community charitable organizations at a historic level.  Importantly, it provides the means for the Post to continue in operation for the varied benefits of its members.  The diversity of Post activities allows most all our members an activity to participate in.  Creatively, our Radio Group engaged in the educational and training activity of a “Fox Hunt”.  They tracked down hidden transmitters…finding one behind the Danville Bowling Alley!!!  As we near the end of January, we expect to be completing the “Earl Belcher Memorial Pavilion.”  This will be another superb asset enabling members to enjoy the rural outdoor environment of our Post with their comrades and family. 


Your Post greatly benefits from many active and generous members!! On behalf of all Post 46 members, I thank them along with the officers and Social Club staff that make the business of our Post possible!!! Of particular note is the many offices managed by Gene Klaus, the extraordinary youth program support provided by Regena Carney, the endless hours of our Social Club staff supporting our Post and the tedious Charitable Gaming, the maintenance of our public face (our Post web site) by Ken Douglass, and the securing our essential membership function by Buddy Adams.  The recent critical emergence of our new accounting capability by Brenda Ellis is another.


Impressively, Gene Klaus recently spent 3 days in western Kentucky assisting Legion veterans obtain Legion disaster assistance from the tornado outbreak.  He routinely meets needy veterans and changes their lives!!  Our membership meetings have an extra element of pomp provided by our Sgt at Arms, Dean Brandenberg…Thanks, Dean!


As a reminder, our January membership meeting was cancelled at our last membership meeting in December.  With the current virus dangers, a wise decision in retrospect.  We will plan to meet in February, for now.  We need to look forward to the coming Officer nominations in April and elections in May. We have an opportunity to train up some new officer talent in the meantime!


Thanks to each of you for your membership renewals and support!  We are processing several new members due to our diverse activities! If you have yet to renew, please do so now.  Your Post has a lot to offer its veterans and our community.


Tony A. Cromwell

Tony Cromwell,