Kentucky Boyle Post 46
Helping others for a better Life!

4 OCTOBER 2019

October!!!  This is a big month for our Post!  One Hundred years ago, 15 WW1 Boyle County veterans received their charter for Boyle Post 46!  Our plan of celebration is in two parts. 

The first is a Legion/Radio Club booth at the Kroger Supermarket.  Yes, Lowes HQ turned down my formal request to hold it at their spacious lot, limiting their support to the Boy and Girl Scouts, etc.  Kroger welcomed us with open arms!  The Radio Club received a FCC Special Event Call sign (W4L - Working for Legionnaires) to broadcast this event worldwide.  The booth will feature the radio station, Post 35 mementos, pamphlets, Legion/Post information and membership information.  The Post is sponsoring an October promotional membership for new Boyle County veterans at 50% off for the month of October.  Interested veterans can come to the Post or send their information to the Post email: 

I am very proud to announce Jr. Vice Commander Regena Carney will work with me in the booth to visit with prospective Lady Veterans about the work she does in the community.  We plan to advertise via the radio station and a news release in the Danville paper.  A special invite to our Boyle County Lady veterans; I think they are an under-recruited group of special veterans.  Importantly, I ask our members to put out the word via their own Social Media accounts.

The second phase of our celebration will occur on our anniversary date of 22 October and will take place at the Post.  The WRARC will resume their broadcasts from their club room in the Post during the day.  The Post will hold a cake & ice cream social at 6 pm for all Post members.  WRARC will hold their normal monthly club meeting in the Post hall at 7:30.  Look for a banner proclaiming our Centennial on the entry way to the Post.

One of our greatest rewards was realized at our October membership meeting.  We got to recognize Mr. Alex Patton, who graduated from the Boy State Program we sponsored.  His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Patton attended and Alex spoke eloquently about his “life changing experience.”  His parents reinforced the positive affect the program had on Alex.  He has a choice of Service Academies to attend.  Young men like this give us great peace about our future!  Importantly, he agreed to be an Ambassador for us at school and try to encourage other responsible young men to attend and motivate the school counselors.  Look for photos on this web site.

On Sunday, November 3rd, District 8 will hold their meeting at our Post at 2 pm.  Importantly, the speaker will be the director of the Honor Flight Kentucky program.  Members are invited to attend.

Our November 5th meeting will be cancelled as the Post will be closed to host Election Day.  We proudly open the Hall for two local precincts of residents to cast their ballots.

Watch the Post calendar for additional events; Halloween and a Thanksgiving Membership Dinner.  Veterans, continue to pay close attention to the Service Officer tips.  Our Service Officer, Legionnaire Klaus, provides very up to date and life changing information.  We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated professional serving in this office!

Plan to come out and celebrate our Centennial.  Get out the word to veterans you know and to your friends!

Thank you for supporting your Post!

Tony Cromwell, Commander


As Post 46 membership median age continues to grow, we painfully note the passing of our increasingly rare WWII and Korean War Veterans.  Often, these veterans were active in our post at an earlier time and now need to be content to cheer for the Post from the comfort of their homes or rest homes.  On the 23rd of August, our Post participated in the final ceremonies of an Air Force Viet Nam veteran at Camp Nelson.  Legionnaire Danny Cooper was quite active in our Post Social Club for many years.  He also was a member of the VFW and enjoyed a fine turnout of Veterans, friends, and family at Camp Nelson.  It was my privilege to thank his son and Aunt for his fine service and remark on his contributions to our Post.

The recent Gas Line explosion benefit I mentioned in last month’s Corner, was a very large success.  Contributing to this success was the benefits derived from all three Service Organizations; Am Vets, VFW, and our Post working as a cohesive team.  Great examples of personal efforts created a very significant benefit for the victims of the explosion.  Huge thanks goes to Ruby Crouch for taking the point and leading/organizing our Post resources!  She enjoyed great support from many Post members.  A great testimony to the Legion spirit of aiding our community in a time of need!

The planning for our Post Centennial (22 October) celebration continues on schedule.  The Radio Club has received a special FCC call sign for the event to telecast to the world.  We plan to celebrate on Saturday, 19 October in the Lowe’s Home Improvement parking lot.  We plan to advertise it, provide souvenirs, and recruit new members.  On 22 October, the Post will also conduct an evening celebration featuring a large cake and ice cream for its members.   I plan to have more detail in the October Corner.

We will hold our normal meeting on October 1st.   This will be an important meeting since our last meeting in September was cancelled due to Labor Day.  Our November meeting will also need to be cancelled as the Post will be closed to support the Primary Election.

Our Post continues to enjoy high participation in the Corn Hole tournaments.  We also feature Horse Shoes, Pool, and Darts as entertainment options.  I feel our Post is doing well with Post activities, rentals, and an increasingly improving physical condition. 

Caution with this latest heat wave and let’s look forward to enjoying a cooler fall!  If you have yet to renew your membership, please help your Post leadership and “getter done”!

Thank you for supporting your Post!

Tony Cromwell, Commander

8 August 2019

The Post held its August membership meeting on 6 August.  It was well attended and a very notable meeting.  We hosted our District Commander and Adjutant as well as the Area Commander.  Extra pizza was ordered and the post meeting comradery consumed all of it.  District Commander Kraemer presented two prestigious awards from the Department Convention.  The “Go Getters” award is a three year membership award and was presented to Adjutant Belcher.  The Kentucky American Legion Press Association (KALPA) awarded Legionnaire Ken Douglass the “Best Web Site in Kentucky” award.  These were two very hard earned and appreciated awards.  Our web site continues to be viewed by record number of visitors.  Those growing numbers are partly the outstanding work provided by Service Officer Gene Klaus. His outstanding Service Officer Tips are invaluable and changing lives.  He also makes a national broadcast on the monthly Legion Dstar net our Post hosts from its radio room.  Gene is receiving continuing requests for information as a result.  I presented Legionnaire George Coomer a Legion Certificate of Appreciation for his work in leading the ever successful Legion Dstar national net; a work ongoing for nearly 2 years.  He also facilitated a meeting of a Legion media team meeting with his club members and Post personnel for an article being written by the Legion for the national Ham Radio magazine CQ.  This article describes the benefits this club derived from joining Post 46.  The article is scheduled for publication in the October edition of CQ magazine and will change the image of American Legion Posts across this nation in the eyes of the Amateur Radio community.  We all appreciatively applaud these three fine Legionnaires for their very notable service to the Post and Legion missions.

Vice Commander Regena Carney reports a change in school counselors that will likely result in more Boy/Girl State and Oratorical contest participation.  This is great news as sponsoring these youths to these programs is most rewarding for both the students and the Post.  A Post goal levied by the District Commander is to send a student in the coming session.  Regena has expanded her interface to include some 5 school systems.  We salute her commitment to our youth programs!!

Very notably, our Social Club Manager Ruby Crouch is taking the lead for the Post in working with the other local service groups in organizing a benefit program for those families impacted by the recent natural gas line explosion.  The Armory in Danville is scheduled to host this public event on Saturday, 17 August; 1 to 5 pm.  It will be widely broadcast by the newspaper and radio stations.  Please watch for the announcements and make a contribution.  The Post is also scheduling a Karaoke event to further our contribution.  Well done, Ruby!!!!

Five weeks into our new membership season, half of our membership has renewed their membership for 2020!  Thank you very much for those timely renewals.  It really makes our administrative job easier.  If you have yet to do so, please send in the renewal or go on line and “getter done”!  Thank you!  Importantly, on 29 August, the Legion can now accept honorably serving veterans having served from 7 December 1941 to current time as Legion qualified members.  E.g. If you were a “cold war” veteran in between qualifications dates, you can now join.  To get things stated, send an email to our Post email address (bottom of of this home page) and we’ll get back in touch to get you on-board.

Our facilities improvement work continues to progress.  We have only a small section of roof left to seal.  The area already sealed has proven to be water tight.  We will work to replace any stained ceiling tiles and upgrade our lighting systems.  Our strategy of increasing our facility rentals is succeeding and the coming improvements will aid that strategy.

Stay tuned for more details on the coming centennial  birthday of Post 46 on 22 October.  A lot of planning is on-going and we’ll make the details known as they solidify.

The meeting members voted to delete the September membership meeting as it occurs immediately following Labor Day.   Our next membership meeting is scheduled for 1 October and will be an important meeting.

Members, enjoy the remainder of the summer!

Tony Cromwell, Commander

5 July 2019


From your Post leadership, best wishes for you and your families during these Independence Day celebrations!  It is more like a week of celebrations with the 4th occurring near midweek!

In rejoicing our invaluable independence and all the benefits we all derive from it, we need to reflect on the courage and sacrifices of our Colonial leaders and those early militia that made it possible.  Remember those Colonial leaders bet their lives and fortune on the gambit for Independence being successful!  Also, we need guard against the rewriting or deletion of this story from our History courses.

During the weekend of 22 June, our Radio Club participated in the ARRL National Field Day.  We enjoyed a visit from the Boyle County Sheriff Deputy Taylor Bottom and the Boyle County Judge Executive Gen. Hunt.  Their attendance provided additional contest points as well as provided them a level of confidence in the emerging capability of this club to rise to the challenges of a future disaster.  Each year, they do better building on the lessons of the past.  They recently added a valuable capability of bringing emergency power through a special portal in the wall.  This allows the post to keep the doors closed while operating on emergency power.  A well done to WRARC!

During that same week/weekend, the Kentucky Department of the Legion held its convention in Louisville.  The Post received two prestigious awards.  KALPA (Kentucky American Legion Press Association) awarded “Best Website” to Post 46 and prominently named our Webmaster Ken Douglass.  This award symbolizes a very notable body of work by Ken who had little webmaster experience and learned it the hard way!  Our District Commander will present his award to him at our August meeting.  The second award was a “Go Getters” award recognizing this Post’s membership accomplishment of increasing our membership by the greatest percentage for the years 2016, 2017, 2018, and the surpassing of our incentive goals by February 2019.  This remarkable achievement represents a lot of extra work contacting members in and out of our Post and we offer a hearty salute and sincere appreciation to Mr. Earl Belcher!  Again, the District Commander will present this award to Earl at the August meeting.  Please try to attend our August 6th Membership meeting and personally extend your appreciation to both of these Legionnaires.

The first of July starts the new year, in terms of the legion renewing memberships, for the 2020 membership year.  Most of you will receive membership renewals in the mail from Legion HQ.  Please consider going on line and renewing when you get the notice.  You can use a credit card also.  The few minutes it takes you to do that will really help your Post leadership accomplish its membership tasks.  That level of work is now being done by Earl and me since we continue to operate short an officer.   Having “gotter done”, you won’t have to deal with it later and we won’t need to contact you.  You’ll just get your new membership card in the mail!!

Our Boys State attendee, Alex Patton really enjoyed his attendance at Boys State.  His father, Jack, was very appreciative of the program and our Post sponsorship of him.  We hope to have Alex attend a Post meeting and share his experience.

Members, enjoy the summer!  Be cautious of the inherent and dangerous summer storms!

Tony Cromwell, Commander


6 June 2019


This is a very special week when we recall and honor those heroes of 75 years ago when Operation Overlord was launched into Normandy.  It is heartwarming to watch the celebrations; French families maintaining their share of the American graves, and sobering to see the many picturesque acres of beautifully arranged headstones of the fallen heroes.  Post 46 still has several WW2 veterans and it is in honoring the fallen that Post 46 participated in the Danville Memorial Garden Memorial Day ceremony on 25 May.  Our Post Chaplain, Ken Whitehouse provided excellent opening and closing prayers.  I spoke briefly on behalf of our current 200 members and those of the preceding 100 years in jointly honoring the memory of all those men and women who answered the call and paid the ultimate price in the prime of their lives.  Post 18 of Stanford provided the honor guard and 21 gun salute with their usual high standard of excellence.  A beautiful day with hot dogs and drinks provided!  The only disappointment came later when the local newspaper found the contributions of both American Legion Posts unworthy of mention.

On 4 June, we held our June Post membership meeting.  The outstandingly, enjoyable weather takes a toll on our attendance, but we had enough to conduct business.  Our Sr. Vice Commander Belcher and I are sharing the Adjutant/Finance Officer duties until a Post veteran steps up to learn/assume a set of these management duties and serve our Post 46 veterans.  Jr. Vice Carney (manager of our Boys and Girls State Program) reported our Boy State Candidate Alex Patton was attending the program and will come home 7 June.  He will subsequently be attending a Leadership program at West Point Academy followed by a visit to the Naval Academy.  Alex graduated from Boyle County High School and was brought to the attention of our Post by his parents.  While the Post readily sponsors these fine young men, the Post Radio group, through the national Legion D star Amateur Radio net, generated more than sufficient funds for Alex to attend!  We are hoping Alex will share his experiences with us at our July membership meeting.  A tip of my hat to both Alex and his parents!!

On 30 May, WRARC, operating their radio station in your Post, supported a nationwide emergency operations earthquake exercise named Shaking Fury.  WRARC operated with call sign KY4EOC as part of the Kentucky Emergency Operations Center located in Frankfort KY.  For a period eight (8) hours the club operated three (3) separate Amateur bands (HF, D star, and 2 meters) working the western counties of Kentucky (St. Madrid Fault).  This proof of concept clearly showed the superior performance of HF support from a noise free Boyle County.  WRARC provided primary D star capability for the entire exercise.  Post 46 provided a pizza lunch enabling our operators to continue support of the exercise without having to leave the Post.  The end result was deemed a huge success with a solid demonstration of this Post/club being a very valuable asset to this emergency network.  A more formal relationship will likely evolve to improve Kentucky's Emergency Communications response capability.  This accomplishment is an important milestone for American Legion Posts with embedded Radio Clubs!

Note:  From home, I monitored and actually signed my personal station into these nets.  Our operators were very professional and the Post station performed with the quality in which it was designed.  They brought great credit to the American Legion, its mission, and their club WRARC.  The operators were KY4KD (Ken), KG4UQL (Chris), KF4FMQ (Mike), KA4SWT (Doug), K4FT (John), KI6SER (Jamie), and KI6SEP (Andy).

On 3 June, our Radio Club provided the Legion's national D star net.  Of particular note was the post net program of "Service Officer Tips," provided by our Service Officer Gene Klaus, was superbly lauded by a listening veteran.  This is a one of a kind national net and service.  

Our facility is receiving a lot of maintenance and is becoming very much improved.  We had some weather damage to the Annex roof which was replaced with help from the insurance company.  We are currently sealing the roof on the main building.  Many of the old patches were in bad shape and were replaced.  Magically, the roof leaks are disappearing!  With the forecasted rain, we will work to replace the ceiling tiles damaged from earlier leaks.  We will look at installing LED lighting subsequently to reduce power consumption and improve lighting management.  As this work finished, we will run the Ozone generator to purge the old smoking residue in the facility, excepting the Social Club.

Post 46 continues to enjoy a high participation rate in the Social Club activities.  Corn Hole tournaments were particularly successful!  A very big Thank You to Joe Denny, our Post Facility Manager!  A very large Thank You to Ruby Crouch for so ably managing Club Program and Post 46 scheduling activities! 

Post 46 t-shirts and caps are now available.  These are very nice shirts and advertise your Post 46 nicely.  Post 46 also derives a small profit from them.  The order blanks are at the Social Club.  I am working to develop the possibility of getting the order blanks and picture on the website to allow for mail orders.

Members, enjoy the coming warmer weather!  Be cautious of the inherent and dangerous summer storms!

Tony Cromwell, Commander


9 May 2019


On Tuesday, 7 May, the Post held the May General Membership Meeting.  It was a beautiful day and evening; but we still had good attendance, a very enjoyable meeting, and pizza/comradery to conclude the evening.  All our current officers, except one, were returned to their offices for another one year term.  Robert Williams (Mick), our Adjutant/Finance officer is unable to continue and there were no nominations to replace him.  He is volunteering to provide “on call” assistance.  As his term expires, I will appoint Earl Belcher to that position until we can recruit another member veteran to step up and learn either the Sr. Vice (membership) or the Adjutant/Finance role.  In the meantime, I will work closely with Earl to accomplish both functions.  The Post has some very fine talent with the requisite skills and some available volunteer time to help their fellow Veterans and community.  We have a business meeting on Wednesdays at noon and I am available to visit with for several hours.  If you would like to take a turn and offer your skills/time, please come in and lets talk!

A very sincere Thank You to all our Post officers concluding this year of service!!  The membership voted to offer a Legion Life Membership gift to Mick for his 3 years of greatly appreciated service as Adjutant.  The Post continues to advance smartly in many respects and that progress is due to an outstanding team effort!!  You have excellent officers in office (including our Social Club Manager, Ruby, and Facilities Manager, Joe Denny) and each is making a big contribution in their respective responsibilities.  I am humbled in my reelection and deeply grateful to this fine team that makes success possible and the job very enjoyable!!

The new Post entrance sign is now in place and presents an outstanding image.  We just finished the installation of a new roof on the Annex.  It experienced some weather damage to the roof and we leveraged those insurance funds toward a total replacement of the roof.  We have materials and personnel ready to seal the roof on the main building as soon as we have a few nice days in a row to allow the sealer to be applied and cure.

The Post also purchased an ozone generator sufficient to clean the hall, connecting rooms, and ventilation systems.  We will operate it for a 24-hour period when we can close the Post for a day and give the system a chance to clear all the years of accumulated smoking residue.

On 17 April, the Post hosted the American Legion Media Team from Legion HQ.  They arrived late in the morning after driving down from Indianapolis.  The Post provided Pizza and it became a working lunch.  The Radio Club showed up in big numbers to tell their story.  They even arranged to bring in a high school student (club member) after school to visit with the reporter.  The team also talked to Sr. Vice Commander Belcher, myself, and visited with Director Helen Overstreet at the Annex.  Once, this article surfaces, we will announce it on our home page announcements section.

Post 46 T shirts and caps are now available.  These are very nice shirts and advertise your Post nicely.  The Post also derives a small profit from them.  The order blanks are at the Social Club.  I will explore the possibility of getting the order blanks and picture on the web site and allow for mail orders.

Members, enjoy the coming warmer weather!  Be cautious of the inherent and dangerous spring storms!

Tony Cromwell, Commander


15 April 2019


Our April membership meeting was held Tuesday, 2 April 2019.  It was conducted by Sr. Vice Commander Belcher in my absence, while I attended the services of my mother and subsequent estate work in Oklahoma.  I am very moved and greatly appreciative of the extensive messages of sympathy and support from our membership.  Thank you very much!

An important piece of business was accomplished in the nomination of Post 46 officers for next year.  The current slate of officers was nominated for another term and there were no additional nominations.  However, Adjutant/Finance Officer Williams asked to be replaced so he can attend to pressing personal affairs.  Under Legion practice, the Adjutant/Finance Officer is normally appointed vs. elected (per Post by-laws).  Sr. Vice Commander Belcher has continued to serve but has wanted to train a replacement officer since last year.  We really need a couple of Veterans (best retired and in the Danville area) to step up and work with us to learn these positions so our Post can continue to transition smoothly into the future.

We received all the paperwork necessary to return the Post Ceremonial rifles to the US Army.  The rifles were boxed up and returned.  This concluded a very large personal responsibility of the Post Commander.

At the May Post 46 membership meeting, the membership voted to replace our American Legion property entrance sign.  Look for a new 4' x 8' high gloss sign, with a 60-year life span, to be installed in the next couple of weeks.  Joe Denny plans to install a solar powered light to illuminate the sign during night time.

Post 46 hosted District 8 quarterly meeting in which the district officers were elected.  Our Post Services Committee did an exceptional job in preparing and serving a meal for our important guests!!  A huge thanks for keeping your Post 46 viewed as the Flag Ship of the District!  

Post 46 will host a media team from Legion HQ on 17 April.  This team produces the Legion magazine as a part of their Legion function.  They have a contract, from a national ham radio magazine (CQ Magazine) to document a story of the benefits and experiences of an established Amateur Radio Club becoming a part of a Legion Post.  Legion HQ decided our Post 46 was the story to tell.

Members, enjoy the coming warmer weather!  Be cautious of the inherent and dangerous spring storms!

Tony Cromwell, Commander