Kentucky Boyle Post 46
Helping others for a better Life!

15 April 2019


Our April membership meeting was held Tuesday, 2 April 2019.  It was conducted by Sr. Vice Commander Belcher in my absence, while I attended the services of my mother and subsequent estate work in Oklahoma.  I am very moved and greatly appreciative of the extensive messages of sympathy and support from our membership.  Thank you very much!

An important piece of business was accomplished in the nomination of Post 46 officers for next year.  The current slate of officers was nominated for another term and there were no additional nominations.  However, Adjutant/Finance Officer Williams asked to be replaced so he can attend to pressing personal affairs.  Under Legion practice, the Adjutant/Finance Officer is normally appointed vs. elected (per Post by-laws).  Sr. Vice Commander Belcher has continued to serve but has wanted to train a replacement officer since last year.  We really need a couple of Veterans (best retired and in the Danville area) to step up and work with us to learn these positions so our Post can continue to transition smoothly into the future.

We received all the paperwork necessary to return the Post Ceremonial rifles to the US Army.  The rifles were boxed up and returned.  This concluded a very large personal responsibility of the Post Commander.

At the May Post 46 membership meeting, the membership voted to replace our American Legion property entrance sign.  Look for a new 4' x 8' high gloss sign, with a 60-year life span, to be installed in the next couple of weeks.  Joe Denny plans to install a solar powered light to illuminate the sign during night time.

Post 46 hosted District 8 quarterly meeting in which the district officers were elected.  Our Post Services Committee did an exceptional job in preparing and serving a meal for our important guests!!  A huge thanks for keeping your Post 46 viewed as the Flag Ship of the District!  

Post 46 will host a media team from Legion HQ on 17 April.  This team produces the Legion magazine as a part of their Legion function.  They have a contract, from a national ham radio magazine (CQ Magazine) to document a story of the benefits and experiences of an established Amateur Radio Club becoming a part of a Legion Post.  Legion HQ decided our Post 46 was the story to tell.

Members, enjoy the coming warmer weather!  Be cautious of the inherent and dangerous spring storms!

Tony Cromwell, Commander

7 March 2019


Our March membership meeting was held last Tuesday, 5 March.  It was a very active and rewarding meeting.  The high levels of Corn Hole practice and tournament sessions, led by Joe Denny, continue to provide very profitable months.  As we get to warmer weather when our members have many more outdoor options, we anticipate a drop off in activity.  It is truly rewarding to see so many members having such a great time.

The Veterans attending our membership meeting voted to establish a written policy as to Post support for Member hardships.  Additionally, they voted to receive a proposal to replace the Post property entrance sign with a new and more effective unit.  A good source was identified and is being contacted.  We received reports on an active membership; cleaning the Social Club walls, installing an automatic door closer on the Social Club, replacing the hot water heater, and the plan to paint the Post roof seams with a special sealer used for metal mobile homes as soon as weather permits.  Members are stepping forward to improve their Post and take ownership!

Our Radio Club reported their participation in an international single side band competition.  Works out, they tied for 1st place for their level of participation as a club.  The list of foreign countries contacted was most impressive.  Their conduct of the Legion National Dstar Net continues to be very successful and has resulted in new members for the Legion and other Veterans advocating their post follow the example of Post 46!

Jr. Vice Commander Carney reported a new Oratorical contact in the Danville School system that is most supportive of our Legion Oratorical Contest.  Now, we can hope to have a candidate next year.  Regena is carefully coordinating with the school systems to try and identify more candidates for the Boy and Girl State Programs.

Sr. Vice Commander Belcher reported our membership at 91%.  This will be the first time the Post will likely fail to meet/exceed its membership goals in some years.  The new goal was unrealistically raised from past years and we were required to get 20 new members plus replace seven (7) Veterans who passed away and those who chose to no longer support the Legion and their fellow Veterans for their own various reasons.  We owe Earl our deep appreciation for putting very extensive efforts in to contacting all our delinquent members and those on the Post 200 holding list.

Our Post is now participating in a closed circuit TV system of local businesses advertising their businesses.  This innovative system is actually owned/run by a Post member and they placed four (4) ads, free of charge, of our Post in this system emphasizing our hall rental business.  Watch for this system as you patronize the local businesses.  We have already received rental business as a result.  They installed a free, big screen TV in the Post for our members to view.

We sent a formal letter to the US Army to receive instructions on returning our Ceremonial Rifles.  We have yet to receive those instructions. 

Sr. Vice Commander Belcher, Service Officer Klaus, and myself attended the quarterly District 8 meeting in Nicholasville on 17 February.  The Department Commander was the featured speaker and talked about membership and that the members of a post are key in the running of their posts.  The Department does not investigate or advocate on behalf of disgruntled members.  As usual, their after meeting meal was outstanding!  Post 46 will host this District meeting in April.  Ruby and her Post Services Committee will provide the lunch.

Members, enjoy the coming warmer weather!  Be cautious of the inherent and dangerous spring storms!

Tony Cromwell, Commander